Maria Mitsumori

Japanese painting (Nihonga) Artist

In 1988, Maria was born in Tokyo, Japan. She was raised in Switzerland, where she studied at international boarding schools since childhood. She has lived abroad for 14 years until she returned to Tokyo and began her artist career in 2019. In 2020, Maria was scheduled to participate in exhibitions at London, Paris, and New York, however they were postponed due to COVID-19. She is currently scheduled to exhibit at Salon Art Shopping 2021 Paris this June. 


2012 Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland
BA in Business Administration
2008 Institut auf dem Rosenberg, St.Gallen, Switzerland
2006 Aiglon College, Chesières-Villars, Switzerland
1998 Discovery Bay School, Hong Kong, China



“I find the traditional Japanese painting (Nihonga) to be most effective in accurately recreating glowing sceneries seen through my eyes. Nihonga paintings are said to last for a thousand years. The pigments are made from pulverized genuine gold and gemstones. The traditional washi paper and sumi inks are said to keep for a thousand years and more. One could argue that a piece of Nihonga is equal in value to a piece of jewelry.
I truly believe that genuine materials made in the natural world will give comfort and hope to the viewer’s heart.”