ARTWORKS LAUNCHED TO MOON on February 15, 2024
NASA’s live stream - The launch of SpaceX Falcon 9
The Lunar Codex Project

The Lunar Codex project sends a substantial collection of film, music, art, and more chosen from more than 160 countries to the moon in 4-time capsules. 

Feb 15, 2024, Mitsumori’s work “Map of Intelligence series – A Swing”  launched to the Moon.
On NASA CLPS T02-IM, the launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 carrying Intuitive Machine’s Nova-C lander “Odysseus” lifted off from 39A Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA.
Safely landed on February 22, 2024 at Lunar South Pole.

Second artwork “Arcane” is scheduled to be launched again to the moon in November 2024.

Watch NASA’s broadcast  here:

Mitsumori’s work is listed in the The Lunar Codex – Gallery B:


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